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Hotel--Yongqiang Airport
(24KM, 30 Mins Drive)
Hotel--New southern station
(4KM, 10 Mins Drive)
Hotel—Shuangyu Passenger Transport Center
(6.6KM, 10 Mins Drive)
Hotel--Xincheng station
(6KM, 10 Mins Drive)
Hotel--Passenger Transport Center
(2KM, 5 Mins Drive)
Hotel--Railway Station
(5KM, 12 Mins Drive)
Hotel-- South Railway Station
(13KM, 30 Mins Drive)
Wenzhou Tourist Destinations
Ma AnChi Park
(Urban District 0.4KM, 2 Mins of walk)
Century Plaza
(Urban District 5.7KM, 10Mins drive)
Jiangxin Island
(Urban District 3.4KM, 10Mins drive)
Yandang Mountain
(Yueqing, 90KM, 1hour 50mins drive)
Nanxi River Scenic Area
(Yongjia,54KM to Lion Rock Scenic Spot, 1hour 20mins drive)
Nanji Islands
(Pingyang, 60KM, Mosquito craft 30 nautical mile; 1hours 20mins drive, Mosquito craft 1hours)
Baizhangji Scenic Area
(Wencheng, 106KM, 2hours 30mins drive)
Tonglingshan National Forest Park
(Wencheng, 140KM, 3hours 24mins drive)
Dongtou Islands
(Dongtou, 65KM, 1hours 30mins drive)
Yuliao Vacation Village
(Cangnan, 140KM, 2hours 50mins drive)
Radon Spring
(Taishun, 125KM, 2hours 30mins drive)
Gallery Bridge Scenic Area
(Taishun, 145KM, 3hours 20mins drive)
Wuyangling National Forest Park
(Taishun, 137KM, 2hours 50mins drive)
Top Destinations
Miao Guo Temple market
, No. 292 Renmin West Road, Wenzhou, Miao Miao Guo Guo ji temple opposite the market, every Saturday, Miao Guo Temple Antique Market is always crowded.
Wuma Street
So far, more than 1680 years of history, is a shopping, leisure, entertainment, sightseeing, culture and business landscape in one street, Wenzhou city's calling card.
Shamaohe Women Street
Huangmei "female consort prince" and "Who would have thought Shamao hood moon" should come play the word, that is, the portrait of her. Her change, carries a woman's smart and capable of Wenzhou, Wenzhou, reveal a woman's vitality and beauty.
Fuqian Shopping Street
Kaitai Department Store
Has hundreds of domestic and foreign well-known brands, completely broken and changed the history of Wenzhou, the retail store only and no record of large-scale department stores.
Times Square
Famous domestic and international high-end collection of more than 20,000 species, of which more than 300 international brands, including LANCOME, ESTEE LAUDER, Dior, VERSACE, HUGO BOSS, CK Calvin Klein, CARAMELO, Armani and other international brand names.
Trust-mart Supermarket
Trust-Mart for you to provide "one-stop shopping" convenience, Trust-Mart merchandise classification is complete, a wide range of both basic necessities, or entertainment, dazzling, everything, the customer always a rewarding experience to Trust-Mart.
Intime Department Store
Is located in the heart of Wenzhou Commercial Jiefang South Gate, the tallest building in the Department of Wenzhou, Wenzhou World Trade Center podium, an area of nearly 35,000 square meters, is a fashion commodity-based, set department stores, restaurants, entertainment and leisure in one of the comprehensive modernization of Department stores.
Suning electrical appliances
Century Mart Super market
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Wenzhou Tourist Destinations
Top Destinations
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